About the gallery

The LEVY Galerie was founded in 1970 by Hamburg resident Thomas Levy (b. 1947). With its multifaceted program, based not least on the pillars of Surrealism and Pop Art, LEVY Galerie has earned a first rate reputation among German galleries throughout the past decades. LEVY Galerie exclusively represents the artists Allen Jones, C.O. Paeffgen, Mel Ramos, and Daniel Spoerri, among others. It also represents the estate of Meret Oppenheim, in close collaboration with the artist’s family.

Since September of 2004 the gallery has been located on the outskirts of Eppendorf in a loft-like space that offers fantastic possibilities for the presentation of art. The interior of the gallery is no less impressive than the enchanted exterior areas with their sculpture garden. The artworks on display have all the space they need within the gallery’s two expansive exhibition rooms.