Unboxing - alexander levy invited by LEVY

11/07/2017 - 12/22/2017

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LEVY Gallery is pleased to announce that the gallery alexander levy will present the exhibition Unboxing featuring artists from the Berlin gallery program in the Hamburger space for the first time: Julius von Bismarck, Felix Kiessling, Fabian Knecht, Daniel Mohr, Nik Nowak, Colin Snapp, Vicky Uslé and Sinta Werner.
“Unboxing”—a concept from internet culture—refers to videos, in which insiders film themselves unpacking newly acquired, coveted objects and then upload them for potential circle of collectors. For the show the gallery alexander levy brought together works from its artists to be exhibited in the setting of Hamburg for the first time. The gallery, founded in 2012, focuses on the presentation of young national and international artists, which engage with our present age in a critical and often ironical way. The emphasis is predominantly placed on conceptual positions, which investigate our perception, reflect societal structures and subversively take up scientific and political themes. They challenge our perceptual habits and expectations—to some extent, “luring” us out of the boxes of our mind. To travel plays a decisive role for the artists, in which they realize worldwide projects in urban and natural settings, from which their final works result.
Many of the series of works on display in the exhibition emphasize a particular part of our surroundings, reality or environment. A new type of attention and involvement emerges with the variously engaged subject matter, by dint of the isolation of these sites and the focus of our gaze. To that end, the artists combine and contrast old and new media: from kinetic sculpture to videos, photographs, sculptures and painting.
As a complement to the exhibition room, a shipping container—a video box—will be installed in the gallery’s garden, which will screen live video works by the artists.

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