On the Occasion of his 80th Birthday

13th September – 26th October, 2016

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Friedrich Einhoff’s works on canvas, cardboard and paper captivate with their delicate materiality of color and texture that result from a multilayered surface processing with acrylic, charcoal and earth admixed. They give the impression of being tactile membranes, which develop a corporeal quality through earthy beige and gray tones and a terrestrial effect of depth through green and black tones. Body fragments and figural traces are pushing from material densification towards their own dissolution narrating a questionable state of being. The mediated portentous forlornness is reminiscent of the existential pictorial worlds by Peter Breughel, Francisco de Goya or Francis Bacon, or the absurd scenarios by Franz Kafka or Samuel Beckett: “Within this sombre realm of metaphor Einhoff locates the fragment somewhere between art history, poetry and the modernist aesthetics of montage as practiced in photography and film. [...] in later works any traits of physicality, gestures and facial expression characterizing the figures appear to have been masked, erased and blown up from within, or corroded, charred, combusted, melted and decomposed through exposure to external chemical and physical processes.” The works directly speak to viewers on a sensory-emotional level. On the occasion of the artist’s eightieth birthday, the exhibition presents an in-depth look at his work of the past three years.

Friedrich Einhoff, born in Magdeburg in 1936, studied under Alfred Mahlau, Willem Grimm and Kai Sudeck at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg from 1957 to 1962. From 1978 to 1991 he taught as a professor for painting and drawing of the design faculty at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The human figure was always the focus of his art practice, right from the very start. His process of artistic creation is permeated by the search for a way of expressing the ambivalent and fragile nature of human existence. In the year 1979 he was honoree of the Werner Otto Foundation, 2008 he received the Free Academy of the Arts’ Award Hamburg and 2009 the Hans Platschek Prize for Art and Writing. Friedrich Einhoff lives and works in Hamburg.

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